New Jersey: A Portrait

It is only appropriate that New Jersey be my first portrait attempt– as my home state, it holds a special place in my heart, even though I no longer live there.

As for this portrait, it’s going to hold a literal place in my heart. Because it’s fatty and smoky and I’m going to eat it.

In my last post, I explained to those of you that may not be lucky enough to have experienced this Garden State delicacy exactly what you’re missing.

I originally intended to paint New Jersey as if it were a piece of pork roll. I had all the colors I needed, and more than enough experience gazing into the wonderful face of my fried meat to make it good. And then I thought…

What if I actually made the portrait FROM pork roll?

Too bad for me I can’t get it in Los Angeles.

My brother, however, can get it. And once the idea was in my head, I refused to settle for anything less. Chris agreed to overnight me nearly five pounds. It was so on.

Side note: I did all of this with a knife, not realizing I could’ve saved myself a considerable amount of time if I had taken two seconds of my life to run a google search for a New Jersey shaped cookie cutter. Ahhh well.

And the final product?

I present to you:

New Jersey is best served with farm fresh eggs and some fruit.

3 thoughts on “New Jersey: A Portrait

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